An Isle of Calm in a Sea of .....

I am enjoying this scarf.  And it is saving my sanity.  Today was one of those days where it seemed like I could not get anything done, even though in actuality, I did.  It's just that now there so much more to get done, LOL!  Those of you who have been following this blog (and good Lord knows why, LOL) have seen the permutations that this yarn has gone through.  Although I liked the wave pattern, I frogged it (although I will probably use it with another yarn).    
The yarn is so much fun and the colors delightful.  Knowing what yarn wants to be is one half of the equation, though.  I have been pondering to whom the scarf wants to belong and it hit me today like a bolt from the blue - why of course - Donna!   For Christmas of 2008! (OK, I didn't say the muse hit me in a timely fashion!)  There's also another thing I'm dying to finish for Diane's birthday some months ago; so much for timely! So I'm going to be taking little scarf breaks as I finish those two sweaters for myself.
I have also just joined Colin's Sock KAL because I have wanted to learn how to do the Andersson Heel and I figure this is the way to do it - go to Mssr Andersson himself! I have some really nice sock yarn waiting in the wings.  OK, I know another project, but I am knitting from my already existing stash!
On the work front, I have some catching up to do but it's coming along.  I am  trying not to be a worrywart because that never helps anything. Hopefully things I can't control will get better.  I know what to do about the things I can control.  Getting rid of that cold has helped enormously, too.  And a good piece of knitting and a good glass of (a reasonable amount of) wine doesn't hurt:)
This coming weekend is  a holiday (Martin Luther King's birthday) and the weekend preceding the Inauguration of our country's first African American President.  Martin must be beaming from wherever he is right now. I know it will be a happy day for me.  Saturday he is traveling through Baltimore and John and some of the kids are going to see him.  I probably won't because I have to interview some kids for work and also a prospective applicant to Middlebury.  So, if I have some time, I'll finally get to my local Sip 'n Knit and meet up with knitting buddies I haven't seen in a while.
Sunday, I'm missing choir and church and heading to NYC with John to visit with my Dad and Maureen, my stepmother.  This has become something of a tradition for us.  We go up on Sunday morning, check into the hotel, visit the Museum of Modern Art and Rockefeller Center and the Museum shop, have lunch salads at Olive Garden, go back and take a nap, then meet them for dinner at the Renaissance with its exciting view of Times Square. You would think this would be ridiculously expensive, but John has a discount at the restaurant and gets the room for free or close to it.  Then Monday morning, I sleep in, John gets up early and hits the Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral (some years I've actually gone with him, but I'm being realistic here).  He comes back to the room (hopefully!).  We pack up, check out and head over to School Products where I swear this will be the only yarn I will buy all YEAR (and really, I don't spend that much).  Then we head back out of town to good old Merlin.  
It's a nice time and I enjoy seeing family and catching up with the news about everybody. And of course New York has that energy that no other city really has.  But believe it or not, I miss choir and the kids and my life here.  I'm always glad to get back home.  Man, I must be getting OLD!
I'll take the camera with me and hopefully will have some interesting pictures of Manhattan to bring back.
In the meantime, tomorrow is usually court, but I have no hearings scheduled until Friday, so it will be another mediation in Baltimore, a treatment team meeting for another client in Crownsville, a visit with a client in Baltimore, and another visit with a client somewhere around the Bawlmer Beltway.  Then, the reward for a long hard day at work:  choir:)
Things on the church/choir/bellchoir front are interesting.... in a Chinese curse kinda way. We're in the midst of a lot of stuff - some petty, some not and I'm hoping for a win-win resolution.  One of our choir is really good at this and I'm seeing his and his wife's talents in action and boy am I grateful.    Hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.   Time will tell.
Until then, dear readers, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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