I'm typing this at my desk, procrastinating just a little before typing up a couple of pleadings that I'll be filing when I go back for the afternoon docket (I had a drug court meeting and then only one hearing on the a.m. docket, so what the heck, I went home to get organized - hey, it could happen!)
It's nice to see the sunshine after those days of nasty weather - and the snow and ice are melting - not too shabby:)!  I've been up for a while, which is a good thing, since I ended up online until almost 2 a.m. in a chat with a high school friend while waiting for my phone to restore itself after it went through some sort of electronic hissy fit.  The chat started out pleasantly enough and of course was pleasant throughout because this person is one of the nicest I've ever known (I'm lucky that way - my high school class was really kind of a good decent group of people).  Our conversation went to our friend, Marcie, who had died many years ago.  She told me something that was extremely personal, so I'm not mentioning it here out of respect for her privacy, but what she told me affirmed my faith in something bigger than this little life we live here on earth.  Talk about serendipity in the most unusual settings.
Court this morning was not a big deal.  The client is thankfully doing well after a number of hard years.  The master was even nice to him, LOL!  What was kind of fun was that as we left, I noticed he wasn't wearing a coat (and he was wearing a T-shirt ferchrissakes!).  I give him credit
 for wearing a cap, but hey, he's old enough to make his own decisions like that.  I actually gave him my scarf.  He genuinely liked it:)  It wasn't girly or anything, so he didn't feel funny wearing it - I told him I knit it and he was welcome to keep it since I knit about 2 or 3 scarves in any
 given year.  It was nice to give him something wool and, well, nice:)  I could start to make a habit of this! What a stashbuster that would be, LOL!

Thank you Betsy!

Our daughter, Betsy gave me this for Christmas.  It arrived day before yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to play with it until last night:
It was a LOT easier than removing all my office supplies from the "Apprentice" on my desk, LOL! And by the time I was done, I was able to wind four of these five balls of yarn (the biggest one was wound at the yarn shop when I bought it about a year ago).
Aren't these colors gorgeous?  The smaller ones are
part of a Knitpicks  lace yarn sampler 
in wine colors.  (This is just a mosaic of the same five balls of yarn - thought it would look interesting:)) Looking at the website and comparing with the other skein, this is about 2500 yards of yarn, believe it or not.  That's enough for a large, very thin sweater. Hmmmm - or a large, not-so-thin if you start melding the colors vest.  I'll have to think about that one - when I'm done with my other 8,468 projects!
Well, I'd better get working on my tasks for today.  Tonight I get to go to bell and choir practices - bells were canceled for two nights, so we're doing a mini practice this evening, since we are playing next Sunday.  Music for three and a half hours! Ahhhh heaven - what a way to spend an evening.
One more hearing, and a brief visit to the office and then home to schedule more visits and work on paperwork. Then FUN (I hope!).
Be back soon! Until then, dear 3.5 readers, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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