Getting Used to 2009

Remember when you were in school and you had to write the date at the top of your paper?  In January, you almost always wrote the last year until you finally got it right some time in February or March.  In the legal profession, so much is about dates and time.  You date everything you write.  You schedule hearings, meetings, visits; you have deadlines and things to do leading up to the deadlines.  Time is essential because for many in my profession, it's the way we bill for our services.  Luckily, I don't have to do that to the same extent of many of my "sisters and brothers at the bar," but I need to keep track of everything else.  As a result, I have been calendaring hearings and scheduling other things for 2009 since the early part of 2008, so you'd think I'd be used to writing in the correct date.  
Safe to say it's frustrating trying to get visits scheduled when NO ONE RETURNS YOUR CALLS, LOL, so, I'm taking a short break from the little work I'm doing today.  Oh well, I may have to make some surprise visits and I really hate that (although sometimes you find out some things the FPs don't want you to, heh heh heh....). 
Anyway, not much new since yesterday, so I won't bore you, dear 3.5 readers, with the details of my life.  D & D and the grandangels did come for dinner last night and we all had a brief, but nice time.  I think the holidays just caught up to all of us.   Both had to be at work today and the shorter people were getting tired, so home they went.  After waving goodbye, saying Happy New Year to a passing neighbor retrieving his garbage can from the street at the end of our long-shared-driveway-that-passes-as-a-street, I went inside to finish the dishes and settle in for some fun knitting.  
I tried the Clapotis and its charms simply elude me.  I will probably just need to find the right yarn for the job, but life's too short to start a project that just gets on my nerves.  There I've said it.  I love the yarn, but really didn't like the way it worked with Clapotis, as pretty a wrap as that is.  So, I'm going to try one more thing: Veronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf  If that doesn't work out for me, I'll go back to Jackie E-S' Morning Surf Scarf because I think it worked well with this yarn and I think re-doing it might make Colin happy:).  The surprise here is how well the KnitPicks Imagination Yarn (colorway: Seven Dwarves) is holding up to all this knitting and frogging.  KnitPicks does put out a good product.  And they also have some interesting podcasts
 and YouTube selections as well.  In the meantime, I'm going to be knitting up some little projects for S.
She did finally pick out  her yarn - a nice worsted weight rust-colored wool from the Ella Rae company - and asked me to knit her the Ski Bonnet from EZ's Opinionated Knitter.  But before I do that, she requested a neck warmer with buttons in the same yarn.  We perused the patterns on ravelry and a few of the blogs that I frequent.  I was almost going to use Joanna R's Saguaro Sock pattern again - it's truly lovely - but we found another one specifically for neck warmers with the whimsical, and very polite name of "Financially Challenged Person's Neck Warmer" designed by Hee and Hyang Jung.  Wonder of wonders, it's a free Ravelry download! S had the perfect buttons to go with it and off we went.  I'm already halfway done with very little effort on my part, so it should be done very soon.  The Ski Bonnet?  I'll let you know how that goes. Can't imagine that's going to be difficult (famous last words?).
Well, I'd best be getting back to work.  Have a great day, dear 3.5 readers and in the meantime, God be with you 'til we meet again.

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