Cloudy Saturday

Up early this morning to greet the grandangels - their Mommy is sleeping upstairs, having done a graveyard shift doing 911 duty and their Daddy works Saturdays.  They are being their usual terrific selves, playing quietly and watching episodes of Wow Wow Wubsy and Yo Gabba Gabba:) (Thank God for DVR!).
Well, the carpets are finally clean! Some other company came yesterday and did it, so we are somewhat back to normal (assuming we were ever at "normal" in the first place, LOL!).   Poor John's schedule has been so mixed up because he's had daytime meetings and waiting for carpet cleaners whilst I go my merry way to work. He's sleeping as I type this, but has graciously agreed to get up early so I can go to a funeral for a fellow choir member's mother.  This lady (Nancy M) does so much for so many other people.  Showing her some support right now is only right.  And bless John for helping me with this.  He could have insisted on getting his sleep, but he didn't.  One other thing I should tell you, dear 3.5 readers  - he got a gift from his company for 25 years of service - a gift he could have gotten for himself,  but in true John-like fashion (so NOT like yours truly), he got something that benefits the whole family, but mostly me.  Don't know if I mentioned this in any previous posts, but last fall, while walking at the park with Nancy S, my GPS was stolen out of my car and I have been making do with Mapquest and Googlemaps ever since.  Usually that's fine, but last night I sure could have used a GPS system - I got totally lost in a "blue light" section of Bawlmer visiting clients.  I know the city fairly well and once I got a sense of what direction I was going, I was alright.  The GPS would have saved me some gas, though.  Anyway, I am grateful for the new one - hopefully it will work:)
On the knitting front, I have made some progress on the Spring Forward cardigan.  I really like this pattern and can see why so many were doing and continue to do so.  I'm doing it for an Aran KAL and this time I have decided to limit my efforts to two or three projects at once - at this point that's the Ribbon Lace Scarf, the Daily Sweater and the Spring Forward.  Obviously, the Spring Forward is for those evenings when I have a couple of hours to concentrate on my knitting.  The Daily Sweater is fairly portable and at this point is just at the "clickety click" i.e. "knit in the round ad nauseum" phase, so it is great background work for TV or meetings.  I figure this way, I should actually be finishing projects - who knew?
Well, I've got to get lunch for the grandangels, then hit the showers and the road, so God be with you 'til we meet again:)
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