Through the Eyes of a Child....

Last night was the premier performance of RME School's Third Grade production of Humbug! - a modern adaptation in musical form of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  The performance was memorable: who can forget the catchy "Ms. Ebenezer, Grumpypants" sung to the tune of "Up on a Roof Top" or the heartrending (and this Grammy has to admit holding in a few sentimental tears) "Through the Eyes of a Child?" This troupe of young actors and musicians will go very far in life - with their talents and the older people who believe in them.
After Madison's wonderful performance, we made the acquaintance of her friends Raymond and Manuel (and their families, of course!), and her special education teacher whose name escapes me (sorry!).  Fans included fellow thespians Danny Gavigan and his girlfriend Casie Platt, along with her proud parents and little sister Ruby, her Aunt Betsy and her girlfriend Jaimie and this writer, her very proud Gram.   Upon leaving the school, we attended the after show party at the local Friendly's establishment and a good time was had by all.  I'd say this is an auspicious beginning to what will undoubtedly be a successful career in showbiz. 
After hitting the heights last night, my day today was the usual Thursday docket - a hearing this morning for a client who is AWOL, lunch at Chez Micky D's ( a sin for which I am still paying with searing pain in the belly), a visit with another client at court, and two hearings in the afternoon.  Then home.   Tonight is choir prax - a lovely blessing this time of year; we practice Advent and Christmas music - what's not to like? Tomorrow I have two visits to do and then a rather contentious hearing with a cantankerous crowd.  More I will not say (can't  - but I'd like to!). 
On the knitting front, I did decide today what I'm making once I finish John's Aran scarf.  If you've read this blog, you know that it's become something of a tradition since joining the St. John's choir, that I knit something for our SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed a/k/a Organist ChoirMaster) Nancy.  Well, I've decided what it will be - the Fair Isle Yoke Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I'm knitting it in Caron Simply Soft - in blues and grey.  I'm going to get a start on it tonight - I have until Christmas Eve - think I can get it done in 20 days?  I've done it before and it's been awhile since I've done a fair isle project, so this should be fun! Oh well, what's one more on the needles?  I've decided to share my progress on this with the ravelry group for CogKNITive - a very interesting podcast I've been following - and have shared with friends and family studying psychology/social work.
Well, I'd better get changed and get to "kwar" practice!
Back soon - until then, God be with you 'til we meet again.


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