Merry Christmas!

We're still in the twelve days, so I can still say it:)  Since last I wrote, dear 3.5 readers, my life has essentially been a lot of this:
and not much knitting, sadly, which means I did not finish Nancy's sweater in time for Christmas, nor did I do the scarves for other friends and fix/finish (respectively) the two sweaters for Dori.  
In spite of illness that started the night before Christmas Eve, I was able to babysit the grandgirls, who themselves were sick - and a Mommy who works 911 does NOT call out on Christmas Eve!  John and I usually do lunch and a visit to Mumbles & Squeaks - a truly magical toy store in Old Ellicott City - on Christmas Eve afternoon (you know, before the Christmas, er, stuff  hits the fan).  This year, we took the grandgirls along.  They were very good and were able to each pick out a toy they liked. Afterwards, we had lunch (burgers and a grilled cheese for the Ruubster) and then came back home.  Daddy collected them soon after; a non-Scrooge boss having given him an early day.
Then the Christmas Eve marathon/services.  I should have brought wings or roller skates, but
this time managed to be where I needed to be. I still had some of my voice left, so I could sing with the choir. Only made a few stupid mistakes in the bell ringing. John couldn't make it this year - he also felt like crap and on top of that had worked all night the night before and then hadn't slept so he could spend time with the grands.  So... bedtime for him while I toddled off to SJEC.  
Nancy's son, Joe was there with his sweet wife, Sandy.  I had never met them in person before and they were both delightful.  Joe played a trumpet solo - O Holy Night - and Nancy also played a beautiful organ solo we had all heard last year at the National Cathedral - based upon "Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella" -just gorgeous.  The Bay Street Bass did their usual excellent work. If anyone had an eardrum left by the time we finished off with the Hallelujah Chorus (and thundering applause from the congregation), I want to get their secret. And of course, the quiet, contemplative "Silent Night" was spine-tinglingly beautiful, too!
I confess I did spare my energy as much as possible, although I couldn't help but get enthusiastic at the Hallelujah Chorus (at least the first time - the second I was just glad it was almost over). By the time I got home well after midnight I was spent!
The really really good thing about having adult children at Christmas time is that the ones who live with you sleep in and the ones who don't have Christmas at home first.  So, we got to sleep in a bit - much needed given that the cooking marathon was soon to begin.
Thank goodness John was the organizing and driving force behind Christmas this year.  He is really the only reason the house looks like we were even celebrating.  Work got crazy the week before - now it's relatively quiet, what with the courts closed the 26th and Jan. 2nd due to furloughs and my not having any hearings this coming week. But I was virtually no help except for the grocery shopping after bell prax and some last minute stuff.  John even helped out with peeling potatoes and getting the table set (he knows all the right ways to do that - helps to have someone in the family who's in the hospitality industry!).
It was great to have everyone together.  The only one who couldn't make it for Christmas dinner was Danny's GF Casie, who was visiting her family in AL.  She's back today, though, and John, Dan and she went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  With Brad Pitt, no less (so now you KNOW I'm sick!).  
Today, I've had virtually no energy.  I literally stayed in bed until 1 and was dressed and downstairs after 2 PM.  I don't even know if I want to do dinner out tonight. SO not like me. 
But I'm well enough to start the second sleeve of the yoke sweater. Then all the boring one-color stockinette stitch will be done and I'll have the fun stranded knitting part and it decreases, so it will go faster. I've also perfected my ability to do a modified sort of Magic Loop when I'm knitting in the round and the rows get shorter (i.e. smaller rings than the circumference of the circular needle). I do have one concern: that my usual "too short, too wide" will come into play.  The too-wide bit I think will not be too bad.  If I think it's going to be too short, I may just try some sort of crocheted picot edging on the bottom to maintain the stretch, but add length.  News at 11.
Well, dear 3.5 readers, I'm really not much good for anything else except a few rows of knitting right now.  Peace to all of you, and God be with you 'til we meet again.+
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