We interrupt our knitting for a world changing event:)

Because my own words are so trite and contrived at this time, and my emotions are high, I send you, dear readers, the words of a dear cyber friend, Colin, from across the pond:
A New World?
I awoke this morning, put on the TV, knowing that I would hear
that Mr Obama is President Obama.I found myself crying. This man has had a very
odd affect on me. Never before has a politician done anything for me. I have not
been interested, felt cynical about them all. Certainly the leader of my own
country has not bothered me at all, except I was glad that the Tories were
ousted but sadly to be replaced by more of the same. Anyway, when I first saw
and heard Obama speak, I just knew that this man was the real deal and the man
who had the opportunity to change the world and more importantly change the
world's view of the USA.This morning I have nothing but respect for the USA. I
can't believe it! You did it!You elected a black man to the highest office in
the land!!!! Not a rich born black man either. Now I believe that the USA is
truly a land of opportunity. I hope that he is safe and is kept safe. My partner
who was grown up enough to recall the hope of John F. Kennedy says this is
pretty much the same.I am just amazed that I care so much about this. I do feel
that this is really a major turning point in history.Something has shifted,
there has been a change and we can perhaps begin to breath fresh air

Like Colin, I remember some of the days of the Kennedy administration. I was only 9 when he was murdered. I also know that last night was the first time since then that I have been so moved by a President-elect's speech. What was more moving than anything were the faces of the people in that crowd; some laughing, some crying with joy, some black, some white, some Asian, some Hispanic, some famous, most not, old farts like me, young adults who seemed to not believe their own eyes. A virtual cross-section of my country.
Words fail me.

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