Catching up....again!

It's been a few days and, as usual, it's felt non-stop, although it hasn't really been that hectic. To bring things up to date, after church on Sunday, I walked with Nancy in the old park because Centennial was chock full of family events and there was no parking to be had. It was a glorious fall day and the walk went well. After we parted company, I drove to Baugher's in Westminster - a farmstand/store/restaurant where we used to go when the kids were younger for our Halloween pumpkins. I got a bunch of fruit, some veggies, and apple cider, along with a sugar-free fruit spread for a friend of mine - turns out it was a better idea for her husband, so it didn't go to waste. Driving back, the fall foliage was so beautiful. Right now we are at the peak part of the season and it is so lovely. The deer cavorting in our back yard illustrate also that it's a dangerous time to be out driving in the country, let alone having the kids play in the backyard. But Madison was out on the swing "Pop" made for her. Luckily, the swing is far from where the deer play. Sunday, I made a home-cooked meal for the gang - something I haven't done in a while - and we all had a nice time (well, except that K and S left to go see a friend perform in a show and D and C were working and/or hanging out with friends).
This past week was busy, catching up from the conference and a lot of fairly productive meetings, mediations, FTDMs (about 50% success there), and the usual hearings. Monday night was Stephen Ministry, Tuesday night bell prx was canceled - tree down on Frederick Road meant no - or sporadic - electricity at the church. Wednesday was a make-up prx for bells, so I missed the Living the Question group, Thursday was court and choir (wherein we did a run-through of the Lauridsen and realized how much we still need to practice and Nancy spent her night dealing with bullshit having nothing to do with the concert - not her fault! - and encouraging us to realize we do indeed know it (bless her heart). Friday - court and Halloween. We don't get trick or treaters because of the location of the house at the end of a very long shared street-that-looks-like-a-driveway off a very busy road. So, on my way back from court, I decided to take a little detour and visit B in her Safeway. The store is huge, but business is somewhat slow in that neighborhood. I decided to buy a london broil and some salad makings and that I would make dinner for John that night, since we really hadn't had a meal together since Sunday. It actually turned out OK. Nobody died of ptomaine, and that's always good.
This morning I was up bright and early (for a Saturday) to babysit the grandgirls and a fun time was had by all (sort of - the little one had too much candy last night which played havoc with her digestive system).
I have spent the afternoon, in which I had all sorts of ambitious ideas about cleaning or organizing my book collection (which continues to grow, much to my shame/delight), but oh no... not I. Maybe I will later this evening when John takes his nap - unless he's off tonight.
I am looking forward to choir and perhaps a walk tomorrow afternoon. I hope I'll be able to keep up with the rest of the group. However it works out, it'll be fine - cooler and a bit cloudy is just the weather I like for walking - and it really shows off the beautiful fall colors.
On the needles, I've had an "emergency" project that needs to be done by Monday - John's Redskins fingerless gloves - he bartends for the Washington Redskins games and since the bar is outside, there's no heat/air conditioning - and since it's going to be chilly on Monday, these should keep his hands warm while he's mixing those drinks. He actually requested them and since I knit for so many others, I couldn't turn down a request from him. One is done and I've cast(ed?) on for the second. It takes virtually no time at all compared to the Daily Sweater, LOL:)!
Next week, I'm visiting clients on Monday, going to the Stephen Ministry training in the evening, then Tuesday EVERYBODY PLEEEEEEEASE VOTE!!, a trip to DC with Connie and Ellen, then I have another client visit, then bell practice in the evening. Wednesday is a contested hearing, a visit with a client in the afternoon (NOTE, I need to schedule four more visits), then either another bell practice or a sip 'n knit meeting, Thursday is court all day and choir practice and Friday, we're off to Arizona for our nephew Paul's wedding to the lovely Sarah on Saturday. We're off early Sunday morning to get back to Bawlmer, Merlin by 1:30 PM to get to the All Saint's Concert - and the premier performance of the St. John's Orchestra!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!!
Wish us luck!
Until then, dear 2.5 readers, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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