A break from the political to the realm of WTF???

I won't identify the people in the above pictures, except to say it's a gathering at one of my children's places. I can't identify where those little white globes came from, either. Except for one time in New York about 10 months ago (the picture of John and me having supper in New York City), my camera has never taken pictures with those things in it. I took another picture this morning at home of the finished Redskins fingerless mitts for John and as you can see, no "orbs," not even in the darker areas of the photograph. Weird, huh? And to test whether it was the conditions of the photos (evening vs. daylight, flash vs no flash), I took a picture of the dining-room-turned-playroom/crafts room with the flash this evening. No "orbs." See for yourself. There is a reflection on the right top of the picture, but those are rectangular and it's clear they're reflections of the flash on the wall from the framed, pictures on the opposite wall of the playroom.
What's really weird, is if you click on the pictures with those little "globes" in them, to enlarge the pictures, you see even more globes. I've read that these things indicate some sort of paranormal activity, but who knows. It's just freaking weird. The funny thing is, we had a great time at J and B's place last night. All the relatives from both families got along great. The children got along and a good time was had by all, so who knows? I do know that the place stayed vacant for a year, but I think that's because the owner wasn't sure how long he'd be away on assignment and ostensibly because he was fussy about to whom he would rent it. One more thing I should say: I did not edit these photos at all, except that I did crop the picture of the mitts - no point in putting my paperwork out there on the 'net.
Yesterday, by the way, was a lovely day - cloudy and overcast, but lovely nonetheless. Some of us from the choir sang at both services and later walked around Centennial Lake. The foliage was even more glorious than last week, but I didn't bring my camera. Nancy and Donna took the lead, Donna's husband, Tom and Sally were close behind them, while Linda and I definitely brought up the rear:) But a good time was had by all. We all got together afterwards. Some of the folks had lunch, and some of us (who would be eating later) just had something to drink. It was nice to see everybody away from church and in a more relaxed environment. More than that I will not say, LOL:)
After I took my leave, it was time to get ready for the shindig part of which you see pictured above. We had a terrific time, John and I leaving earlier, mostly because I was completely wiped out and to give the kids (the ones without their own kids and the ones who don't have work and grad school to get to early Monday) time to play "guitar hero."
Today, I woke up to find a husband not feeling too well. He's feeling better now- so much so that he went to work, bringing his brand new fingerless gloves with him. He probably won't need them - it's pretty warm today.
Yesterday was "fall back;" it's difficult to deal with night falling so fast. But then, if you want seasons, that's what you have to deal with - it's just such a dramatic difference to have that hour all at once.
Today, I did not get much work done - mostly organizing, returning calls and getting my calendar into shape, and preparing for a contested hearing in a couple of days. Not a lot. Though the office is closed tomorrow, it's going to be an extremely busy day - Voting at the crack of dawn (I HOPE!), to DC with Connie and Ellen for visits, three visits in the Baltimore area, then bell practice.
Gee, wonder why I'm not getting much knitting done lately?
Well, that's all I have for now, dear 2.5 readers and may God be with you 'til we meet again:).+
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