Sorry for for the disappearing act!

It's been almost two weeks since I last posted (forgive me blogger, for I have sinned). A lot of stuff has happened, none of it particularly fascinating (except that I really got a kick out of babysitting this past Saturday and got into a misunderstanding with a dear friend which I hope has cleared up and ran around a LOT doing visits all over the place). Work has been very busy lately and things are gearing up outside of work as well - between Stephen Ministry on Mondays, bells on Tuesdays, knitting (when I can get there) on Wednesdays, choir on Thursdays, it's getting pretty crazy around here. And I have a volunteer mediation I haven't even gotten anything substantial done on yet!
One thing I did finish was the chinese lace pullover. Here are a few pics:
Two things (I can think of offhand) differently from the pattern as written: the yarn is Cotton Fleece, so it's a little heavier than the original yarn, but hey, most of it is cotton. Second difference: the applied i-cord edging to the neckline (detail shown at the top of the post). I enjoyed knitting this so much, I had a little "post cast-off depression" when it was over (NOT!). It will be fun to see the recipient wearing it when the weather gets colder.
It's very late and I ought to be getting to bed, but there's one more thing I thought I should say. My last post made reference to gastric bypass surgery. I researched what my insurance company needs to approve it as medically necessary and it requires that I be monitored by a doctor on some sort of weight loss program for at least six months first. That sort of clinched it for me. I reckon, why not try a low-carb program of diet and exercise (for me that will start off as walking) and possibly some sort of moral support/mental health treatment/OA for a year and see where all of that takes me. If it doesn't work, then I'll have the documentation for the surgery and so be it. It it does work, I won't need the surgery because I'll have changed my lifestyle. A lot of people have tried all their lives to do something and have finally succeeded. Why not me?
OK, it's too late for me to keep my eyes open much longer. Thanks for listening, folks.
God bless,

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