OK, I know it's been a week and I've been BAAAD

Because I've added yet another three (or four?) projects to my list of about 25 unfinished ones

(shame on me). But in my defense, I will say that one of them was a request by DD#2 who has the grandgirls. First, I started the Amanda Hat, which was suggested to me by Denise a/k/a Executive Knitter on Ravelry. This pattern is a freebie also on Ravelry. I may have enough for two hats with this lovely bit of Malabrigo worsted. If so, one is for DD#2 and the other for DD#3 - both of whom look lovely in the autumnal colors.

And then I started this Little sister's dress for, you guessed it - Ruby. It's actually a jumper in the American sense of the word: a dress with short or no sleeves, intended to be worn over a shirt. It's just flying off the needles - I'm now at the rather boring straight stockinette section, but it's only a size 4T - how long can it take? Needless to say, I'm going to be finishing both these projects first - the hats because the weather will soon be turning and the jumper/dress because little ones grow so quickly. I tried it on Ruby last night (as far as I've gotten with it) and so far, it fits! whoo hoo. Had to do some adjustments to the pattern because it's really made for babies - sizes 6 mos to 1 year - and in a fingering weight yarn. The adjustments were fairly simple - using a standard sizing chart (wikipedia has a good one) and measuring Ruby to be sure it was correct, then a gauge swatch, then I have my stitch count and off I went. Size 9 needles and worsted weight are so unusual for me after a summer of lace knitting! I started this Saturday and did a little more knitting yesterday. I'd say I was on a roll. The only funny thing is that the little "slash" where the buttons/buttonholes go is on the wrong side. Oh well, LOL!
Hurricane Hannah was pretty much nothing more than a bad thunderstorm for us here in Merlin. I spent Saturday inside with the grandgirls babysitting while their parents worked/slept after working the night shift. Sunday was choir and then the parish fair during which I handed out choir leaflets about the St. Johns orchestra and our upcoming fall concerts, signed up for doing readings and also (GASP) Stephen Ministry (more about that in a later post). We had our usual wonderful family gathering - only this weekend it was unexpectedly fully attended for which I was grateful - although we did miss Casie. In my spare time, becasue Saturdays weather was so bad, I had two client visits in two counties not my own (read: lots 'o mileage).
Well, I'd better be hitting the road - have two hearings for me, two for my colleague and two additional shelter hearings.
It's a beautiful September day - so of course my terrorist antennae is on alert!
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