No court but lots to do:)

Well, let's see I am falling down on the blogging job am I not? Sorry dear 1.5 readers. Life has seemed to intervene and I haven't felt like I've had anything interesting to say. I am squeezing in a blogpost between finishing and faxing report for work and driving to the office to get the required paperwork, files, shredding in and files and mail out. But there's a little matter of getting out of my pjs and taking a shower first, LOL. As I type this, John is doing the recycling, McCain is making a speech on the television, and the KnitPicks podcast (Ann Budd episode) is in my earplugs. And these pretty flowers are sitting on my desk although this picture is a little bit fresher:) Ah well, the camera adds 10 years, LOL!
Let me catch you up on my whirlwind (NOT) but fun existence: Saturday was spent practicing the Lauridsen piece at St. John's for about 2 hours with some of the choir (we get a lot done during those extra practices because we can hone in on the sketchy patches). Great way to start the day! (sorry folks, I'm a music nerd - talk amongst yerselves....)
Lunch with Donna was very nice - she treated me to thank me for working on a couple of her knitted garments that needed repairs! How sweet of her! I do this as a fun hobby, so it's double fun now:) Donna had to run off to do her second job as Wedding Coordinator at St. John's and I had a client visit.
After the client visit, I stopped in at The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop just to see if they had another ball of yarn for a project I was working on. I thought it would be a quick in and out, but I ended up sitting down and having a chat with Carole, the owner and a friend of hers - Anise or Aniece (don't know how she spells her name). Both were sitting, chatting and having a little snack (and some vino, LOL). An employee was re-organizing the yarn displays. So, instead of browsing, we talked about all the different knitting groups, including the Sip 'N Knit group I belong to, the local knitting guild and various fun knitting topics as well - and politics. I was my usual big mouth self about certain topics (you'd never guess what my political affiliation is, would you?). Turns out, we were all more or less of the same mind, strangely enough. And of course the wine they were drinking (no, I didn't have any - I had to drive, LOL!) was VERY aptly name for those of us who like to Stitch and shhhh:) Speaking of knitting, I've started the Mystery Shawl 4. Lots o' beads with that there pattern - it's insane and very slow going. We'll see if I get THAT one done before Christmas. Next I've got to finish up the Chinese lace pulli. I cannot wait to see that one blocked and done:)

Saturday, John and I were all set to make dinner for the three kids still at home, but everyone was going out and B had her own place to go to - so we went out to dinner - aww what a bummer, LOL! We had a nice dinner at Chicago Uno -and a bottle of wine. Very tasty. By the time we got home, I figured I'd better get to bed - early morning Sunday.

Sunday, John had a game to bartend and I had two services - bells and choir. Took a short walk at the lake afterwards (it was unbearably hot, so I only did 2/3 of the walk). Went home, took another shower and changed to go see the Army Field Band play at St. John's. They were superb as always. It was a small woodwind/brass ensemble and they were fantastic! Their choice of pieces was outstanding. I cannot say enough about these talented people - and they charge NOTHING for their appearances. If they are in your area, you should definitely go see them.

Afterwards, since we weren't doing our usual Sunday family dinner and John was working, I went out with some choir friends to dinner (again - I know shame on me). We had a terrific time. Then home.

Yesterday was not a court day for me, but it was busy. Didn't get home until 8 o'clock - but everyone but our son D and his GF C was there. Had a great dinner with the family. John, bless his heart, had bought a house warming gift for J and B - a toolbox:). After everyone left, and John went off to bed and I had finished answering e-mails, I settled down to some serious knitting on that which you see above. I will have to put that aside to finish other projects, but it's nice knowing it's waiting for me.

Well, I'd better get moving if I'm going to make my deadlines and bell choir tonight! May the road rise up to greet you. May the wind be always at your back and God be with you 'til we meet again:)



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