Lazy weekend for Labor Day:)

OK, I'm enjoying the last weekend of the summer. It's been lovely. John and I have had a lot of fun doing virtually nothing. Thursday, when last we met, dear 1.5 readers, I finished a long-neglected pair of socks and gave them to Kristin. Friday, when court was over for the day, I headed to the "Frog it or Forget It" Last-Friday-of-the-month meeting of my knitting group.I started out Saturday (and Sunday and today:)) by sleeping in - in honor of my fellow workers, LOL:) and then heading to a Saturday Sip 'n Knit meetup. Lynn, our Fearless Leader, has graciously agreed to assist the marketing efforts of the St. John's Orchestra, so she will be consulting with her business partner for more ideas.
Shortly after that, I completed Colin's Bavarian Socks (or my own crazy version of same, LOL!) Those are for me and my perpetually swollen ankles. I have been a knitting fool! Yesterday (Sunday), I finished yet another long-lost pair of socks and gave them to Madison - they are more her size and her colors:)

Sunday, I skipped church (GASP!!!!) and hung out with my kids and grandkids, finishing the first of joannamauselina's Saguaro Socks, cum Saguaro fingerless gloves for S.

In the spirit in which I began this weekend, I am determined to finish Saguaro fingerless glove no. 2! It was so easy to take this pattern and adapt it to my own nefarious purposes. All one has to do is (1) fiddle with the pattern so that you do the cable needle-free cabling on the same row (which means making the Herringbone pattern a bit more squat by making it a four- rather than a five-row pattern; and (2) when you've gone the length you want to go, take one of the 9-stitch stockinette sections and increase in the second and 8th stitch every other round until you have another 8 stitches added. Then you bind off the eight middle stitches of this section, then when you come upon it again on the next round, you cast those 8 stitches back on (reverse loop or "e" cast-on) and then continue to knit, creating a little thumb hole. Then you work your way up to the point you wish to reach on the hand (somewhere near the second knuckle on the fingers) and then do the same ribbing you did at the beginning - 12 rows knit and purled according to the pattern as you did at the beginning of the pattern. Then bind off VERY loosely and weave in your ends. The yarn I'm using for this is a lovely Cascade Sock yarn in a beautiful blue. S actually appears to like them and I don't know how to act, except to finish them. In fact, John saw them and really liked the idea. He occasionally tends bar at the Washington Redskins games and it gets really cold, since there is no real heating to speak of at the stadium - especially where he works in the outside - so he'd like a (larger, thicker) pair in Maroon (the Redskins' team color). So, I'll have to add another project to my list, but that's OK. It won't take long and it could make life easier for John, which is always a good thing:)I've also spent the weekend catching up on old installments of the Cast On podcast with the divine Ms. Brenda Dayne, LOL:) an American in West Wales.
I've also gotten some cleaning done (who knew?) and actually (drumroll please) made my bed! When one is married to a man who works nights, that's a rare occasion:)! I've sorted through my knitting patterns printed from the Internet, and gotten them into notebooks, inside of page protectors. I'm slowly but surely working my way through the projects begun over the last three years. Next thing I'm going to do, good-Lord-willing-and-the-creek-don't-rise, is to finish that Chinese Lace Sweater. I'm already on the first sleeve and it's still such a delight to knit. Then I'm going to finish that Goddessknits KAL shawl, and D1's sweater/ribbedT. So close and yet so far:)

Tomorrow - tomorrow - we begin again with bell choir and then Thursday is choir both with the best friend I've ever known and I cannot contain my joy! (Oh Lord, what a nerd! )

Did I ever tell you I love love love autumn?


Have a great week everyone!+

ADDENDUM: Fingerless gloves are done - news at 11:)


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